Curing Under Eye Dark Circles


Sometimes, the blood vessels under the skin break and cause blood leaks in the surrounding area. The breakdown of these red blood cells leaves them black and blue. The skin under the eyes is so thin that this blood becomes visible, and is known as dark circles.


Avoid unhealthy habits
Dark eye circles could be a sign of loss of water from the body due to excessive alcohol consumption and high intake of caffeine. Adequate sleep, avoiding smoking and alcohol can help achieve healthy skin.

Active Lifestyle
Lack of exercise or fitness can cause dark circles. Lack of activity prevents the follow of blood and oxygen to different parts of the body. Stay active to improve blood circulation and reduce dark circles.

Sun protection
Do not forget to use a sunscreen before stepping out into the sun. They help prevent damaging your skin. Damaged skin brings out the dark circles which cause havoc to your flawless skin.

Natural Care
Put two slices of cucumber or wet tea bags on your eye lids and relax for a bit. Also, rubbing ice over the shadows have known to improve dark circles. Before going to bed, apply a little almond oil over the dark circles and gently massage it into the skin.   

Lack of water makes the blood vessels swell, making it visible under the eyes where the skin is thin. Drinking water will reduce this puffiness.

Moisturizing the skin
Try applying a moisturizer every night to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. Karis Glysoft Glycerine Moisturizing Skin Cream is enriched with glycerine which locks moisture in the skin, making it smoother, plump and healthier.


Dry skin is an unpleasant condition marked by roughness, itching and cracking. Cold temperatures, constant air heating and too much exposure to air conditioners can affect skin’s moisture levels causing it to dry up. Internal factors like overall health & nourishment, inadequate water consumption and age can also lead to dry skin.


To combat dryness, skin needs to be constantly hydrated. This can be done in two ways; internally by drinking an adequate amount of water and externally by using products that hydrate and moisturize.

  1. Wash your face with a gentle water soluble cleanser twice daily. For this, you may use Karis Apple Gentle Care Face Wash.

  2. Exfoliation is important to remove dead skin cells to reveal fresh and healthy skin. It can be done using Karis Apricot Gentle Moisturizing Face & Body Scrub.

  3. Keep your bathing time limited to 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid hot showers, as it rids the skin off natural oils. Pat dry with a soft towel.

  4. Moisturizing is essential after showering. Oily skin also needs hydration but a little attention should be paid while selecting the moisturiser. It should be oil-free like Karis Pure Aloe Soft Moisturizing Body Lotion. For dry skin, a thicker oil-based moisturizer is required like Karis Honey & Almonds Nourishing Body Lotion.

  5.  For dry skin, a natural face pack can be used: Mix 1 tsp of honey and a pinch of turmeric and a few drops of olive oil. Apply and leave it to dry. Wash and pat dry.

  6. For oily skin: Mix raw milk and cucumber juice in equal quantities. Add a few drops of lemon. Apply on face and allow it to dry. Wash with cold water and pat dry. Compliment this with creams that are rich in nourishing elements such as almond oil, cocoa and shea butter. For more, click here


Skin Darkening:
Causes & Treatments

Everyone wants flawless skin and face, but various factors like pollution, sun damage, ageing and in some cases, genetic factors, lead to skin darkening. Darkening or hyperpigmentation may be observed on the entire face, or in patches. This change in colour happens due to overproduction of the melanin pigment in skin.



A variety of natural skin care tips maybe adopted to achieve brighter even skin tone:

1. Vitamin-E Oil: Massage the affected areas of the skin with vitamin-E oil. Massaging the skin helps in blood circulation, thus resulting in healthier and cleaner looking skin.


2. Lemon and other citrus fruit juices: Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent. It is known to lighten skin tone and make it fairer, naturally. Use lemon or orange juice on your skin to remove uneven patches. Try using skin care products rich in citrus fruits like Karis Lemon Instant Fairness Face Wash and Karis Orange Advanced Whitening Body Lotion for brighter, glowing skin.


3. Papaya Fruit: Fresh mashed papaya is known to reduce skin patches and treat darkening. It also minimizes the intensity of blemishes and dark spots when used daily. You may also try Karis Papaya White Active Whitening Skin Cream. Enriched with Papaya Enzymes and natural fairness factors, it provides long lasting natural fairness. Multi-targeted action leads to skin radiance, softening and lightening.


4. Milk: Lactic acid in milk is known to lighten skin naturally. Apply raw milk with some saffron strands to the affected areas. Saffron has skin lightening properties which help fade blemishes and lightens skin. Milk helps regain healthy skin.


Beyond the above measures, always use a sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF before stepping out in the sun. This prevents sun tanning and damage, a major source of skin darkening.


Acne & Pimple Breakouts

Many teenagers suffer from incessant acne breakouts. Sometimes this skin condition does not disappear with puberty and many adults continue having pimple problems. High levels of humidity, stress and sweating cause pimples. Cleaning and washing the skin on a daily basis might be useless.



Hormonal Imbalance: Change in hormone levels increases sebum production, the waxy oily residue produced by skin’s sebaceous glands, leading to acne breakouts.

Stress: An over-production of stress hormones causes a sebum build-up, which when mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria, clog up hair follicles, resulting in pimples.

Dandruff: One of the most common causes of acne on forehead or back maybe dandruff. 

Other causes behind pimple breakouts are poor nutrition, poor organ function, and irregular hormone production by the respective glands.



The outbreak of acne can affect the confidence of an individual. But acne can be nipped in the bud with some basic hygiene measures to keep away excess oil and avoid bacterial infection:

1.    Keep the face clean. Remove make up properly using a gentle make up remover like Karis Purple Grapes Deep Pore Cleansing Milk. You may use a salicylic acid face wash like Karis Purifying Face Wash with Pure Neem to fight pimple causing bacteria.

2.     Do not scrub. Over scrubbing can cause skin irritation. 

3.     Don't touch your face too often. It can get infected with bacteria. 

4.     Try using make-up which says 'Non Comedogenic’.

5.     Wash your face after spending the day outside with an acne fighting face wash like Karis Pimple Control Tomato Face Wash to control excess oil production.

6.     Avoid the Sun. It can increase chances of an acne outbreak. 

7.     Keep yourself hydrated.