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Goodness of Natural Ingredients

Discover the goodness of natural ingredients carefully selected to create Karis Naturals products

Karis Story

There is nothing more beautiful, nothing purer than a poet's imagination and expression of beauty and grace.
At Karis, we strongly believe that everyone deserves to discover their best possible self. Karis aims to help unveil hidden beauty and confidence. We are passionate about making all individuals feel beautiful inside and look gorgeous outside.
In this quest to discover beauty, Karis provides solutions to all skin and hair related problems by sourcing the best beneficial ingredients and delivering it to all in the most convenient ways.

Karis Naturals

We believe that nature is the best provider of all beauty related solutions. Hence, we focus on developing high quality products with the goodness of natural ingredients, thereby bringing you closer to Nature.
A blend of natural ingredients and modern in-house scientific research and development is applied to formulate Karis Naturals products.
Enriched with an impeccable combination of the finest plant and fruit extracts, plant based oils and pure essential oils, sea salts as well as anti-oxidant rich vitamins our products aim to provide beautiful skin and hair. Karis Naturals optimizes specific properties of fruits, flowers and herbs, extracting natural actives that are beneficial for skin and hair health.